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      20140606040237.pngNotice for domestic shipment

      1. When the shipper consigns the goods, if there are any unclear matters, please contact our sales consultation.

      2. When the consignor consigns the goods, he must fill in the "cargo and mail declaration form" as follows:

      1) Departure station and destination;

      2) Shipper's name, full company name, contact phone number, detailed address;

      3) Consignee's name, full company name, contact phone number, detailed address;

      4) The goods entrusted do refer to the product name, packaging method and number of pieces;

      5) Precautions for storage and transportation, whether to handle urgent shipment and other requirements.

      3. According to the transportation conditions and the nature of the goods, the shipper should fill in the goods and mail declaration form separately for the goods that cannot be transported together.

      4. The packaging of the goods should meet the requirements that the goods will not be damaged, lost, leaked, damaged, or contaminated during the transportation of the aircraft equipment or other items: precision, fragile, shock-resistant, pressure-resistant, and non-inverted goods should be able to guarantee the goods Pack and affix corresponding signs for safe transportation. It is forbidden to carry items that are prohibited or restricted, dangerous goods, valuables, confidential documents and materials in the packaging of the goods.

      5. If the consignment is oversized or overweight, the shipper shall consult our company in advance about the cargo door size and cargo floor load situation of the relevant airline model. Exceeding the standard will not be accepted for carriage.

      6. The shipper shall indicate the departure station, the arrival station, the unit, name and full address of the shipper and consignee on the outer packaging of each piece of goods.

      7. When consigning items restricted by the relevant state departments, all permits and other proofs should be obtained in advance.

      8. After the cargo owner completes the cargo postal declaration form and weighs the goods and passes the security check, the consignment note is completed and the corresponding fees are paid.

      Domestic incoming goods extraction process:

      1. Query after 3 hours of flight arrival, enquiry telephone: 85205527 (manual), 85205533 (automatic)

      2. Go through the delivery procedures (fax copy of the consignment note, number of the consignment note, the original valid ID of the consignee and consignee, the letter of introduction of the unit)

      3. Pickup from warehouse (fee invoice; freight bill, warehouse settlement statement, valid ID of consignee and consignee)