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      wych_ywyfw_pic_31.jpgSinocentury Logistics provides customers with free packaging materials containing Sinocentury logistics, such as envelopes, small boxes and bags. In addition, we also provide customers with a range of standard paid packages,?

      such as:

      Suitable for sending large and medium-sized boxes of heavy goods

      Suitable for sending posters of the conical box and irregular shape box

      Suitable for sending powder of plastic foil foil

      Suitable for sending liquid bottles

      Sinocentury logistics to provide a series of industry packaging to meet customer special needs, such as sending diagnostic samples of temperature control packaging, fine chemical sealed packaging.

      Please contact your sales representative for more details. In addition, in some countries, China Bai logistics for the need for strong packaging of high-value items to provide special packaging, such as for smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops special box. Please contact your sales representative for more details.