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      Deutsche Post DHL committed 2050 to achieve zero emissions green logistics2017-03-24

      Deutsche Post DHL Group announced on March 21 that it would reduce all logistics-…[ Details ]

      Fedex Express third-quarter profit rose 11%2017-03-24

      Federal Express has said fiscal third-quarter profit of $ 562 million, up 11 perc…[ Details ]

      Determined to enhance the logistics experience to sell through the eight free shipping channels2017-03-24

      March 24 news, a few days ago, speed sell through the announcement, said the deci…[ Details ]

      The world's largest aviation giant invested 200 million, or will enter the Southern Airlines2017-03-24

      March 22 news, the world&#39;s largest airline, American Airlines and Asia has th…[ Details ]

      Overseas tobacco, animal specimens, etc. prohibited delivery! Sea Amoy party and express brother attention2017-03-24

      The past two years, with the rise of the sea Amoy, people are increasingly intere…[ Details ]

      National layout 6 large airport group, 136 airports, the outlet came2017-03-24

      Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Civil Aviation A…[ Details ]

      Logistics and a new national standard2017-03-24

      Recently, the National Standardization Management Committee issued Notice No. 27,…[ Details ]

      Domestic and international transport safety supervision policy "research project through acceptance2017-03-24

      Recently, by the Ministry of Transportation Highway Science Research Institute of…[ Details ]