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      Holiday Notice2024-01-31

      Dear customerThank you for your continuous support and trust in Zhongbai! Our com…[ Details ]

      Chengdu SINO-PAK | Asia's Advantage Routes2024-01-19


      Starting from January 1, 2024, FedEx will charge an additional customs declaration fee for officially declared goods2023-12-29

      [ Details ]

      New Year's Day holiday notice2023-12-29

      Dear customerThank you for your continuous support and trust in Zhongbai! Our hol…[ Details ]

      D7 Asia Airlines flies directly from Chengdu to Kuala Lumpur, starting from Q45 and can transfer to multiple countries such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc2023-10-30

      TFU-KULStarting from Q45, can be transferred to Saudi Arabia, Australia, India, M…[ Details ]

      Chengdu SINO-PAK Logistics core advantages, welcome to consult2023-10-13

      全球服務FedEx、DHL、EMS→全球FedEx全球進口→中國優勢航線CTU/TFU—FRA TFU—…[ Details ]

      FedEx has resumed International Economic Express Service (IE)2023-05-06

      Starting from May 2, 2023, FedEx Express has resumed FedEx&#39;s international ec…[ Details ]

      Notice of Labor Day Holiday in 20232023-04-27

      Dear customerThank you for your continuous support and trust in Zhongbai! Accordi…[ Details ]

      What is regular goods?2023-04-21

      General cargo&#39;General cargo&#39; refers to ordinary goods and general cargo.I…[ Details ]

      What is SWB2023-04-07

      SWB Chinese name: sea waybillIt refers to a non negotiable document that proves t…[ Details ]

      What is S/O?2023-03-24

      S/O is short for shipping order, which means shipping order.A document issued by …[ Details ]

      How should common goods, sensitive goods, and contraband goods be distinguished in international logistics?2023-03-17

      Some friends will send some items to relatives abroad. When he delivered the pack…[ Details ]

      The role of shipping marks2023-03-03

      The &quot;shipping mark&quot; in foreign trade is to facilitate the identificatio…[ Details ]

      Use an article to show you what an air waybill is2023-02-17

      The air waybill is the most common document in air transportation. It is differen…[ Details ]

      How do you know the difference between international air transportation and international express delivery?2023-02-07

      Many foreign trade friends will choose to send samples to customers by internatio…[ Details ]

      Notice of Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in 20232023-01-11

      Dear customerThank you for your support and trust in sino-apk! According to the g…[ Details ]

      2022 National Day (10.1) Holiday Service Arrangement Adjustment Notice2022-09-26

      2022 National Day (10.1) Holiday Service Arrangement Adjustment NoticeDear Custom…[ Details ]

      Notice on the adjustment of some services of the company affected by the epidemic prevention and control in Chengdu 09.012022-09-07

      Dear CustomerThe Chengdu New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Contro…[ Details ]

      The United States plans to cancel 26 Chinese operations to China, and the air transport price may continue to rise2022-08-26

      American air transport prices are going to riseOn August 25, local time, the US D…[ Details ]

      Due to the power restrictions on Sichuan industrial enterprises in the extreme weather, many companies have disclosed the impact of temporary suspension of production2022-08-26

      On August 17, 2022, data released by the National Climate Center of the China Met…[ Details ]