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      China and Europe to create a series of "all the way" logistics brand


      Learned from the China Railway Corporation, the company running a significant increase in the volume of transit flights, logistics costs to further reduce. CEIBS has become one of the important brands in the company's service.

      Service capacity to enhance the overall

      China-EU flights are between China and Europe and "along the way" along the countries and regions of the container international railway intermodal classes. Through the strong construction in recent years, the service capacity of China and Europe has increased significantly, and played an important role in the construction of "one way".

      It is understood that the Central European team has been the initial formation of the West, Central and East three railway transport routes in Central Europe, running line up to 51, the domestic city opened to 27, arrived in 11 countries in Europe, 28 cities, has accumulated more than 3700 Column. In the past two years, the number of flights between China and Europe has achieved rapid growth. In 2016, the railway company has organized a total of 1702 trips in China and the EU, up 109% from the same period of last year.

      Railway Corporation, through the coordination of relevant national and regional departments, to give the EU and China preferential tariffs, significantly reducing the cost of logistics. At present, the cost of the whole trip in Central Europe is more than 30% lower than that at the beginning of the opening, only 1/5 of the air freight price.

      The price concessions have attracted more supply from Central Europe. China and Europe in the class of transport goods category has been the beginning of the early mobile phones, computers and other IT products, and gradually expand to the clothing shoes and hats, cars and accessories, food, wine, coffee beans, wood, furniture, chemicals, machinery and equipment category. In particular, Yiwu to Madrid, Spain, daily necessities, sales network covering most parts of Europe, so that Madrid became Yiwu small commodity distribution center. The future with the electricity business postal package to work, the EU and China will be more abundant category of goods.

      Railway Corporation in a variety of ways to attract backhaul sources, more and more European companies through the Central European flights to the goods shipped to the Chinese market, the return of goods category increasing. In 2016, a total of 572 return rows were recorded, an increase of 116%. From January to February in 2017, a total of 115 flights were returned, an increase of 229% over the same period of last year.

      To create "all the way" logistics brand

      Railway Corporation to build the brand in China and Europe, the company led the development of the "China-EU brand building program" by the state "area along the way" office release. China and Europe as the country to promote the "one way along the road" to build the logistics brand, held by the China Railway Corporation, and is responsible for the construction of promotion and management. CEIBS brand logo was officially opened in June 2016.

      In order to make the brand real, the railway company has taken a series of measures. The establishment of a unified line of the Central European Union customer service center, document center, and along the national and regional railway departments to establish a class operation information exchange mechanism, to inform the customer running the class information, to provide customer advice, international transport bill of lading, Customs, container rental, tracking the location of goods, documents pre-trial, emergency treatment and other services.

      In order to ensure the return of goods to the time limit and service quality, coordination of national and regional railway sector to provide preferential tariffs, and postal services, customs and other departments to strengthen cooperation between China and Europe to promote the normalization of rail transport. Increase the unified brand of China and Europe in the railway box into the box, improve the policy outside the box, reduce the cost of the box.

      Railway Corporation, said the future will increase the import and export, transit supply and development efforts, and actively open up the South West channel, the Pan-Asian Railway and other new line trial operation, to expand the EU and China class special boxes, flat cars and other equipment investment, All the way "to adapt to the construction of the railway transport system, the Central European class to build an internationally competitive international well-known logistics brand. By 2020, the basic formation of a rational layout, facilities, transportation and stability, convenient and efficient, safe and smooth transit of the integrated transport service system.