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      A total investment of 740 million Shun Feng Chengdu will build large-scale logistics UAV headquarters

      瀏覽量:3324Author:中國道路運輸網Source:China Road Transport Network

      July 13 news, SF announced a large logistics unmanned aerial vehicle headquarters base project settled in Chengdu Shuangliu Free Trade Zone, a total investment of 740 million.

      Shunfeng said that the base in the first phase will be committed to carry out large-scale logistics unmanned aerial vehicle related test work; the second phase will be completed in Sichuan Province, UAV operation network and base construction; 2020, began to copy the country Promotion. Will achieve UAV regional network docking Shunfeng national aviation network, which will promote the regional cargo aviation network full coverage, to achieve regional transport of goods the country the next day.

      Shun Feng said that the project large-scale logistics UAV is in the development stage. At present, the total weight of take off nearly 1 ton of UAV has been successfully test flight. In September this year, take off the total weight of more than 3 tons of UAV will also start flight test. Shunfeng Group and Shuangliu District Government, Shuangliu Free Trade Board is actively with the aviation-related departments docking, as soon as possible for permission to obtain approval.