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      SF push international direct mail certification, speeding up cross-border logistics service transparency of logistics competitiveness.


      Recently, SF Express provided SF Certified International Shipping (SF CIS) for overseas merchants using SF Express cross-border direct mail service.

      SF CIS certification seal will appear on the international express mail using SF Express international express mail waybill to prove that the goods are sent overseas, and to provide consumers with full traceability cross-border logistics tracking and real-time query to further enhance the cross-border logistics process Transparency. At the same time, SF SFO certification stamps can be uploaded to the official website and its own social platform to demonstrate that the cross-border logistics of the goods is carried by SF Express.

      The service currently covers Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Australia and the United States.

      SF Express International Business Unit Manager said that SF Express International Direct Mail Service Certification is a cross-border B2C business customers to provide value-added services. For these businesses, it is a ubiquitous and unsolvable problem to prove that their products are shipped overseas to the Mainland. The SF Fung international direct mail service certification just solve this problem.

      The company provides the CIS certification seal for the carrier's cross-border package and provides the true overseas originating country information proving that the parcel is sent overseas and is carried across the border by SF Express. Through trustworthy full-scale logistics service certification to enhance cross-border online shopping consumers trust, but also to overseas businesses have cross-border logistics based on service competitiveness.