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      Central Europe and the South line (Chengdu to Istanbul) or opened in June


      Last year in September after the test class, the Central European team (Rongou fast iron) south line - Chengdu to Istanbul line is expected to officially opened in June this year. March 22, the Polish Embassy in China Trade and Investment Promotion Office, the Polish Consulate General in Chengdu, the provincial trade promotion to support the Chengdu Polish food matchmaking, the Polish Consul General in Chengdu, confirmed this news.

      Central Europe Banlie (Rongou fast iron) of the opening, to speed up the two-way interactive tourism. Chengdu Wave Business Information Co., Ltd. operation manager Guo Jingwen said that there are 200 types of Polish food through the Central European class came to Chengdu. Bosch wants Poland to deliver high quality meat and fruits to Chengdu and expand the Chinese market. But there is a thing so that they are more tangled - the current Central European class (Rongou fast iron) line through the Russian, due to the Russian food and meat and other food imports of the ban on food and meat did not lift the food can not take fast iron The

      Chongqing Golden Fruit Trading Co., Ltd. is the Polish Apple agents, corporate marketing director Li Changhui hope that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible. In January this year, the Polish Apple officially through the large quantities of sea into Chengdu, put on Wangfujing, Renhe spring and other super-container, the market response is very good. "It takes 45 days for shipping to take two weeks in Central Europe, which is self-evident in enhancing competitiveness."

      Public information shows that, as an important route connecting the Central and European classes to the south of Europe, the Chengdu-Istanbul class was originated by the Chengdu International Railway Port and headed by Xinjiang Horgos Port, via Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and finally arrived in Turkey Istanbul, mileage of about 13,000 km. After the opening of the South Line, the Central and European countries (Rongou Express Rail) will achieve the north line, south line, the middle line three lines parallel, its reciprocating capacity will also be achieved.

      This year, the Central European class (Rongou fast iron) plans to open more than 1,000.