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      The explosive growth of Chinese and foreign airline cargo flights has increased over 400% over the same period in March and April


      According to the press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration of China held on May 13, Chinese and foreign airlines performed an average of 1574 scheduled freight flights per week in April, an increase of 55.2% over the pre-epidemic period. Temporary cargo flights also achieved explosive growth. In March, In April, 1794 and 2225 overtime charter flights were approved for all freighters, up 401.1% and 476.4% year-on-year respectively.

      After the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, international aviation logistics experienced a staged capacity shortage, and airlines actively launched the "passenger cargo" business. Jin Junhao, a second-level inspector of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, introduced that the Civil Aviation Administration issued the "Notice on Further Optimizing the Flight Management Policy for Freight Routes" ("Notice"), which relaxed the operation arrangements for "one city, two courses" freight routes in Beijing After comprehensive evaluation of the support capacity of the two Beijing airports and the current development needs of freight logistics, combined with the actual commissioning situation of Daxing Airport, each airline can thereafter operate cargo routes in both Beijing airports.

      The "Notice" implements differentiated management measures for cargo and mail flights at all times to better meet the development needs of cargo and mail transportation. The Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration also issued the “Notice on Simplifying the Procedure for Licensing of Domestic Cargo Routes” and “Notice on Simplifying the Approval of International Cargo Route Licensing”, which clarified the specific procedures and work requirements. At present, the Civil Aviation Administration is stepping up the issuance of cargo airline operating permits for airlines and implementing various facilitation policies.

      Jin Junhao said that "passenger-to-cargo" has made positive contributions to enhancing the international air cargo capacity and stabilizing China's industrial chain and supply chain. However, compared with mature cargo airlines, the basic conditions, service capabilities, There are disadvantages in terms of operating costs. In the next step, the Civil Aviation Administration will study the policy reserves for the transition from "peace" to "war" in the later stage of the epidemic, and further deepen the reform of "delegating services" to create a good business environment for the development of air cargo.