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      The role of shipping marks


      The "shipping mark" in foreign trade is to facilitate the identification of goods and prevent shipment. Wrong goods usually consist of model, figure or short name of receiving unit, port of destination, number of pieces or batch number, etc

      It is usually composed of a simple geometric figure and some letters, numbers and simple words. Its function is to make the goods easy to be identified by relevant personnel in the process of loading, unloading, transportation and storage to prevent wrong delivery. Misshipment

      The role of shipping marks:

      1. For shippers and manufacturers, shipping marks are convenient for management, statistics, reasonable calculation of weight and volume, and transportation to prevent errors

      2. It can also be clear at a glance to the supervisors, such as commodity inspection, customs, etc., so as to facilitate the supervision of goods by batches, inspection and release

      3. It is convenient and fast for the carrier to count and deliver goods according to the shipping mark prompt from warehousing to shipment and transit, sea-air combined transportation to the port of destination. Especially when bulk cargo is mixed

      4. For the consignee, the contents can be known as soon as he sees the outer box, and it can quickly enter the circulation link without opening the box. The consignee usually only looks at the side mark