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      Express brother "to accept anti-drug training refused to" poison "

      瀏覽量:3326Author:南方都市報Source:Southern Metropolis Daily

      In recent years, the rapid development of logistics and express delivery industry, for drug traffickers to use logistics to send smuggling, trafficking, transport drug new changes, new features, in order to effectively promote the logistics delivery industry anti-drug propaganda work to prevent all kinds of illegal inflow of drugs channels, To further promote the logistics delivery industry norms, safe and healthy development, Nanshan District, anti-drug organization of the streets of the warm anti-drug social workers on the logistics delivery industry practitioners to carry out anti-drug knowledge special training.52935ef4290a3791dea46a7c03c8fe68.jpg691633bb9633e026a3dd29624bd88225.jpgf0dfdb259560c9a073815b9b8131572b.jpg