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      Jingdong and international logistics giant Yama Da reached a strategic cooperation

      瀏覽量:3471Author:中國道路運輸網Source:China Road Transport Network

      On July 11, Jingdong Group announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Yama Duo Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yamado"), one of Japan's largest logistics companies, and will cooperate in the cold chain, Trade, logistics and other fields to start a comprehensive cooperation. The contract with Yamaha, opened the Jingdong and international logistics giants comprehensive strategic cooperation precedent, both strong combination of strengths, will make full use of their logistics network and logistics capabilities, to further build the basis for the global logistics industry benchmark. Jingdong Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui, Yama Duo holding executive director and Yama Duo management (China), general manager of all wood health division, Jingdong Group Vice President, Jingdong logistics planning and development department responsible person Fu Bing, Yamado management ( China) Deputy General Manager Tian Tsuen Jin Zai attended the signing ceremony.

      Yama Duo was founded in 1919, Japan's oldest longest truck transport company and one of Japan's largest logistics enterprises, its professional, the ultimate "home delivery" service is renowned throughout Japan and Southeast Asia, by Japanese consumers called "may be The world 's best transportation company ". In 2010, Yarmado entered the Chinese market, mainly for the Shanghai and the surrounding areas of consumers and businesses to provide small cargo transport and covering containers, refrigerated and other professional third-party logistics and transport services, and as a center to continue to China Other areas to expand.

      According to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, Yamado will provide Jingdong in line with international standards of fresh cold chain technology and service consulting, the two sides will jointly promote China's fresh and cold chain logistics standards and international standards. At the same time, Jingdong and Yamaha will make full use of their respective advantages of logistics network to achieve win-win development. Through the Yama Duo logistics network into China's goods, will give priority to the use of Jingdong logistics network for its own logistics network to provide delivery services. Jingdong in Japan and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries for import and export trade, will give priority to the use of Yamada's cross-border logistics network resources, Yamamoto promised to provide the best cross-border logistics solutions for Jingdong. In addition, the two sides will also jointly develop no people positions, automatic driving, artificial intelligence, large data and other intelligent logistics technology.

      Recently, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2016 China Network Retail Market Data Monitoring Report" shows that in 2016 the domestic fresh electricity business overall transaction volume of about 91.3 billion yuan, an increase of 80%, 2017 the overall market size of up to 1500 Billion yuan. 100 billion market size behind the fresh cold chain network to become the key to winning. But the current cold chain of electricity in China is facing a lot of pain points, such as the chain is difficult to monitor the management of goods, heterogeneous and more difficult to standard, self-built cold chain with high cost, quality control, etc., to cold chain circulation (logistics process The proportion of cold chain logistics, for example, according to the Ministry of Commerce statistics show that the current fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products, cold chain circulation rate, respectively, 22%, 34%, 41%, while Europe and the United States and other countries perishable food Of the cold chain circulation rate of about 95% -98%, meat and other products, cold chain circulation is 100%.

      Jingdong fresh cold chain network has been in the national layout of the 11 fresh cold storage, in nearly 300 cities have achieved self-distribution. In order to ensure the fresh food in the fresh state of the fast delivery, Jingdong has achieved full cold chain, covering the cold, frozen, frozen, temperature control, room temperature five temperature layer, and 24 hours full temperature and humidity monitoring. With the rapid development of Jingdong fresh business and Jingdong logistics open strategic layout, Jingdong fresh cold chain network need to further improve the expansion.

      Yarmarto launched a low-temperature house service in 1988, after nearly three decades of accumulation, with advanced cold chain logistics facilities, efficient operation and management capabilities, high-quality distribution services and world-renowned innovative technology. Jingdong logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said Jingdong logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said that the two sides of the "transnational love", Yama more professional logistics capabilities will help Jingdong in the field of fresh cold chain to introduce international standards, which will help open up the world And China's fresh cold chain transport, at the same time, the two sides in the advantages of logistics network resources to share, will promote the flow of business flow of the new pattern, to further promote China's logistics industry and Sino-Japanese cross-border trade development and prosperity.

      Yama Duo Holding Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and General Manager of YAMADO Management (China), General Manager, have expressed great hope for cooperation with Jingdong. He said that Jingdong Logistics has the largest logistics infrastructure in China's electricity industry and Network, its low-cost high-efficiency mode of operation and the original day of the arrival of the Beijing-like high-quality services, in the global are leading, the full range of cooperation will be further open to the Yamada market in China And even the Asian market to provide a strong help, Yamado is also very willing to accumulate the logistics capacity of 100 years and Jingdong to share, and jointly promote the development of the global logistics industry.