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      What is regular goods?


      General cargo

      'General cargo' refers to ordinary goods and general cargo.

      It is not classified as dangerous goods, frozen/refrigerated goods, prohibited goods, counterfeit goods, or sensitive goods.

      Dangerous goods

      Dangerous goods are specifically divided into 9 categories: the first category is explosives; Type 2: Compressed gas; Category 3: Flammable liquids; Category 4: Flammable solid waste, flammable materials, and flammable materials when wet; Category 5: Oxidants and organic oxides; Category 6: Toxic and infectious substances; Category 7: Radioactivity; Category 8: Corrosiveness; Category 9: Miscellaneous.

      Frozen cold collectibles

      Mainly fresh and perishable, mainly food.

      Imitation goods

      Also known as Counterfeit, it generally refers to imitating someone else's brand or logo. Imitation of appearance or logo without a valid brand authorization letter.

      Sensitive products

      Generally, it refers to goods subject to legal inspection (legal inspection) (including goods within the legal inspection catalog - those with export supervision conditions B, and goods subject to legal inspection outside the catalog). For example: animals and plants and their products, food, beverages, and alcohol, certain mineral and chemical products (especially dangerous goods), cosmetics, fireworks and lighters, wood and wooden products (including wooden furniture), etc.

      From the perspective of the carrier, in air transportation, sensitive goods also include goods that are "charged" (including batteries) (such as electrical equipment that may contain batteries; electric instruments such as lawn mowers, golf carts, wheelchairs, etc. that may contain batteries); goods with magnetism (such as speakers, microphones, speakers, headphones, motors, motors -); - powder, paste and liquid, - gas; - cosmetics, food, drugs; counterfeit goods; electronic products, etc.

      Classification of Hidden Hazards in International Air Freight

      1. Goods containing magnetism

      Mobile Accessories

      Phone case (including magnetic buckle), phone holder (including magnet), ear

      Machine (including magnet).

      Mechanical and electronic products with motors

      Fans, electric drills, etc., the goods contain

      Rotating parts usually contain motors with weak magnetic field and also require magnetic inspection


      A speaker, subwoofer, speaker, telephone receiver, etc. are very likely to be

      Strong magnetism, when in large quantities, is highly likely to cause overmagnetization (which is a hazardous material).

      Packaging boxes, door cabinets, and other goods that rely on magnetic adsorption.

      2. Goods that are prone to carrying batteries

      Electronic Products 1: Electric toys, cameras, video recorders, electronic watches, computer hosts, remote controls, monitors, products with Bluetooth functionality (headphones, players), products with luminous sound (children's shoes). Mechanical product distribution cabinets, control cabinets, electric gates, etc. with circuit boards.

      3. Goods that may contain compressors

      Household appliances - refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers.

      Medical instruments - Oxygen concentrators, dental chairs, ventilators, automatic operating beds

      Industrial machinery - elevators, chillers, and other machinery including refrigeration, air pressure, etc

      Respirators, oxygen generators, etc

      4. Goods that are prone to liquids

      Mobile phone accessory 1

      It may contain mobile phone cases with quicksand, glue, screen cleaning solution, alcohol cotton pads (containing a small amount of alcohol inside)

      Hydraulic gauge 1 contains silicone oil, which is commonly found in many machines, especially in large molds.

      Some goods that require temperature control may contain ice bags, dry ice, etc

      5. Goods that are prone to containing compression rods

      Product 1 with lifting function - dental chairs, medical beds, lifting chairs, forklifts, and other wardrobes. Some wardrobes come with air pressure rods.

      6. Chemicals

      All such goods require a transportation condition appraisal report, which covers a wide range of solid, powder, liquid, and paste objects. When receiving such goods, the customer is required to provide an appraisal report, and the report result is a general cargo.

      7. Other types of goods

      For fresh and perishable goods such as plants, silkworm eggs, ornamental fish, etc., inspection and quarantine certificates must be provided when entering the warehouse.