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      Notice of Chinese Lunar New Year holiday in 2023



      Dear customer

      Thank you for your support and trust in sino-apk! According to the government holiday arrangement, we hereby make the following arrangements for the 2023 Lunar New Year holiday:

      January 16: normal work

      January 17: normal work

      January 18: Limited service (the 27th day of the lunar calendar)

      January 19: suspension of service (the 28th day of the lunar calendar)

      From January 20 to January 27: all suspended

      January 28: Opening (the seventh day of the lunar calendar)

      January 29: The service was limited and resumed in succession

      January 30: normal work

      Note: Due to the holiday, if you have any emergency during this period, please contact your sales representative directly. thank you

      All employees of the company wish you and your family a happy New Year and a happy family! May you be happy and prosperous!

      Chengdu sino-pak Logistics Co., Ltd

      January 11, 2023