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      Due to the power restrictions on Sichuan industrial enterprises in the extreme weather, many companies have disclosed the impact of temporary suspension of production


      On August 17, 2022, data released by the National Climate Center of the China Meteorological Administration showed that the comprehensive intensity of regional high -temperature events since June 13 this year has reached the strongest meteorological record in 1961. Specifically, the coverage of high temperatures above 40 ° C in this round reached 1.365 million square kilometers, far exceeding 776,000 square kilometers in 2013 and 993,000 square kilometers in 2017. Many cities set a high temperature record.

      The extreme high -temperature weather in history has also caused the problem of insufficient hydropower forces in the south, increasing the load of electricity demand, and greater pressure on power supply.

      Affected by high temperature, Sichuan recently issued a "power limit" notice. On the evening of August 14th, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology and State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company jointly issued the "Emergency Notice on Expanding Industrial Enterprises to Electricity Power Implementation" to extend the power limit period to 25 days. Time extends to 11 days.

      On August 21, Sichuan launched the first -level emergency response of energy supply guarantee in Sichuan. This is the first time since the Provincial Government General Office of the Provincial Government's Office of Emergency Energy Supply Energy Supply Security (Trial) issued by the Provincial Government Office The highest level emergency response.

      In fact, since the 21st century, China has roughly experienced three large-scale power-limiting events, which are electrical limit from 2003-2004, electricity restrictions from 2010-2011, and power restrictions at the end of 2021. In addition, there are multiple regional power -limiting incidents, such as power limit in the Pearl River Delta region in 2000, and electricity restrictions in some areas caused by the Southern Snow Disaster in early 2008.

      In response to the new situation of high -temperature weather and electricity guarantee, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company and other departments (units) have initiated three -level power supply control measures, and emergency formulated "Sichuan Province 2022 to welcome the peak summer summer. Some high -load energy industries discontinued production of electricity in the implementation plan ", from August 14th to 20th, the emergency regulation of some high -load enterprises to suspend production allows the electricity to allow the people to use the power load Power and electricity supply gap.