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      On the Secretary for strict investigation of the battery and built-in battery cargo express mail notice


      Dear customer:

      640.webp.jpg Hong Kong DHL service providers to inform, due to the Hong Kong DHL warehouse during the Ming Ming unknown goods lead to sudden fire, but fortunately the staff found in time, did not cause too much security incidents. More fortunate is not happening on the plane! Or the consequences can not imagine! 

      Is now involved in the parcel all vehicles temporarily stop discharge, the fire incident will seriously affect the future of recent time cargo transport aging. The other events caused by the impact, resulting in the current Hong Kong DHL all goods will be subject to strict inspection.

      I have always strictly refused the Secretary may be suspected or suspected of security hazards related to the shipment of goods, alarm bells, please know and tell each other, before the strict compliance with the safety of air transport regulations! Thank you for your support