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      IATA launches EPIC platform to enhance air cargo digital collaboration


      The International Air Transport Association (IATA, hereinafter referred to as "International Air Transport Association") announced the launch of the EPIC platform (Enhanced Partner Identification and Collaboration Platform) to promote the digitalization of the global air cargo supply chain. EPIC aims to simplify the complex process of digital collaboration across the air cargo value chain, including the efficient exchange of key information (such as messaging and identification).

      With the digital development of the air cargo industry, airlines, freight forwarders, ground crews, and customs authorities need to be able to safely carry out digital cooperation. This is a considerable challenge. There are currently more than 40,000 freight forwarders exchanging information with more than 450 airlines and 23 third-party information service providers. Since there is no tool for companies to exchange the information needed to establish these business contacts, the digitalization process is basically manual, inefficient, and overly complex.

      "EPIC accelerates the improvement of air cargo efficiency by simplifying the access to information needed to conduct business across the digital air cargo supply chain. The time to launch this platform can be described as the right time. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has promoted the exponential growth of e-commerce, and shippers Only through the digital supply chain can we provide high-quality services.” Said Nick Careen, Senior Vice President of IATA Airport, Passenger Transport, Cargo and Security Department.

      In addition to supporting business-to-business process docking, EPIC also supports digital customs clearance processes that join the platform. It is especially helpful to promote the efficiency of advance cargo information (ACI) requirements, including the PLACI program before loading.