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      How do you know the difference between international air transportation and international express delivery?


      Many foreign trade friends will choose to send samples to customers by international express or international air freight. What is the difference between the two? Is there any difference in the mode of transportation? Today, let Chengdu Baocheng International Logistics Company introduce the five differences between the two.

      1、 Different starting weights


      The starting capacity of international express is 0.5KG, while that of international air transport is 45KG, and some countries even charge from 100KG

      2、 Different transportation subjects


      The transportation of international express mainly depends on express companies. Common international express companies include FedEx, DHL, UPS and EMS

      International air transportation depends on airlines, such as China National Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, etc. In addition to domestic airlines, international Singapore Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines also provide international air transportation services.

      3、 Service content is not used


      Express service is more systematic than air transportation. Express delivery has a complete service system from pickup to delivery, while air transportation requires the consignee or its agent to complete a series of work such as customs clearance and delivery at the destination port. It is worth noting here that both air and express consignees need to pay corresponding tariffs.

      4、 Different timeliness

      Although couriers are also "flying" to the destination, they often arrive in 3 working days - 10 working days. The direct flights by air basically arrive in about one day, and even the transfer will not exceed five working days under normal conditions-

      5、 The required documents are different

      For international express delivery, only one invoice is required. For customs declaration or special products, customs declaration data and other special data are required. If we send international air freight, we need to provide the customs clearance documents such as the proxy for customs declaration, export customs declaration documents, invoices, packing lists and certificates of origin, and none of these documents can be missing.

      This is our detailed introduction to the two modes of transportation, so we can make a detailed comparison between the two modes during shipment to select the most cost-effective mode of transportation.