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      Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone creates a new highland for opening up


      Original title: Chengdu Customs assists Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone to build a new highland for inland reform and opening up

      Recently, the China-Europe Express train from Chengdu to St. Petersburg, Russia arrived at St. Petersburg Susare Railway Station. This train is loaded with 677 tons of supporting materials for the construction of the Baltic Sea gasification integrated project of China Chemical Engineering Seventh Construction Co., Ltd., and the transportation time is shortened by nearly two months compared with sea transportation, which saves customers travel time. This kind of convenience is the Sichuan Free Trade A small microcosm of the test area. In recent years, relying on the advantages of the pilot free trade zone, Sichuan, which is inland, has integrated aviation, railway, highway, and water transportation networks in an all-round way, and has gradually become a leading area for the development and opening of western gateway cities, and a demonstration of coordinated opening of inland and coastal areas along the river. Districts and inland areas have been developed and opened up new highlands. Nowadays, Sichuan’s Tianmo has become a thoroughfare, and the road to Shu is no longer difficult.

      Feng-this is a "high-yield area"

      The China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone was established in 2017, covering three areas of Chengdu Tianfu New Area, Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port and Southern Sichuan Lingang, with a total area of 119.99 square kilometers.

      As a pilot field for comprehensively deepening reforms and expanding opening up, the free trade pilot zone's role in the new development pattern has been continuously highlighted. In order to support the construction of the pilot free trade zone, Chengdu Customs took the innovation of the regulatory system as a starting point, and successively launched 50 support measures and 25 free trade innovation achievements. Through policy integration, process optimization, and technological empowerment, the domestic and international markets are promoted to support the integration of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and various elements are brought together to stimulate the vitality of market players.

      On March 26, in the Shuangliu Park of Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Sichuan International Aviation Engine Maintenance Co., Ltd. applied to the customs for a set of supervision procedures for outbound maintenance of aircraft engine components.

      In the past, companies carrying out regional outbound repairs needed to provide guarantees for the repaired goods. Imported repair materials used outside the zone also could not enjoy the bonded policy and needed to be used after taxation. Outbound repairs and logistics costs are relatively high.

      In this regard, Chengdu Customs and Xiamen Customs have implemented innovatively a bonded supervision model for outbound maintenance goods, exempting maintenance goods from guarantees, and bonded out-of-area maintenance materials, which simplifies procedures and improves efficiency. In 2020, this model will reduce logistics costs for enterprises by 80%, reduce logistics time by 5 to 7 days, and save an average of about 200,000 yuan in guarantees for each repair part.

      In the cross-border experience store "Rongouhui" located in the Qingbaijiang Railway Port area of Chengdu, citizens can buy German chocolates and French red wines, and a wide range of goods are neatly placed on the shelves. At Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, it only takes more than ten hours to pick Australian cherries and Malaysian durians to the citizens' tables.

      Busy ports and prosperous markets are getting closer and closer to the world. Behind this lies bold reforms that are brave to innovate and dare to try. Taking the sense of acquisition of enterprises and the people as the yardstick, Chengdu Customs has introduced a large number of ground-to-air reform measures, optimized the cross-border e-commerce bonded stocking model, took the lead in piloting the export of second-hand vehicles, promoted the landing of bonded aircraft financing leases, and pioneered the entry of processing trade goods. The bonded inspection and supervision mode of the comprehensive bonded area, the convenient management mode of equipment parts and accessories in the comprehensive bonded area, and the export mode of passenger goods in the special customs supervision area.

      Up to now, the Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone has accumulatively added 140,000 new market entities, with an import and export volume exceeding 270 billion yuan, which is less than 1/4000 of Sichuan’s area and has contributed nearly 1/3 of the province’s foreign-invested enterprises and 1/10 Import and export value, 1/20 of the new market entities.

      Tong-"Can be controlled and let go"

      The pilot free trade zone has opened the door to "seamlessly linking" with the world and has become a "new highland" for opening up. The "circle of friends" continues to expand. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. It must be "managed and open". In the past four years, Sichuan The efficiency of customs clearance at ports has been greatly improved.

      Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet. System innovation has released the vitality of ports and attracted more and more enterprises. Taking Luzhou as an example, in 2020, Luzhou's foreign trade companies have reached 691, 548 more than in 2016. Tu Yahong, deputy general manager of Luzhou CNOOC Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., pointed to the huge bonded grain silos not far from the port and said: "The choice of Luzhou takes into account the location advantages and open factors, but also the good local cross-border trade and business environment. In particular, the customs' work model of "little difficulties rely on service and great difficulties rely on innovation" gave us a great surprise. In 2019, our company applied for a bonded warehouse, and the customs would help us complete the procedures within 7 days. This is'Luzhou speed' It’s incredible. During the epidemic, the customs again explored the "remote + on-site" supervision model, which provided great support to enterprises."

      In Shuangliu Park, Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Chengdu Customs has implemented a "7×24 hours" appointment clearance system. Customs officers work overtime to ensure all-weather customs clearance needs of enterprises. Through integration and optimization of customs declaration information push, optical number plate automatic identification, and electronic arrival automatic Trigger and other functions realize the "parallel" speed increase of multiple links from production and transportation to customs declaration, inquiry, and approval, saving the time for vehicles to enter and exit the zone.

      "Now it only takes 10 minutes for goods to enter and exit the zone, with fewer links and shorter waiting time." said Luo Yang, the customs officer of Chengdu Huichen Logistics Co., Ltd.

      At Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the customs implemented the "smart travel inspection" project of "intelligent map review + advance machine inspection", and optimized the "spindle" customs clearance mode of centralized passenger clearance to the "dumbbell" customs clearance mode that moved forward and backward. With space for time, the port's customs clearance capacity and efficiency have been greatly improved. Under the epidemic situation, the application of the Chengdu Airport Port Health and Quarantine Information Management System optimizes the passenger clearance experience. Customs officers can also use the system to fully grasp the overseas activities and health information of the entry personnel, further improve the efficiency of on-site disposal, and the overall air port port health and quarantine The efficiency is increased by more than 50%.

      Da-Shu Road is no longer difficult

      In the past four years, the Customs has adopted institutional innovations to support the Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone to take advantage of the advantages of “airlines, railways, and rivers” to build water, land, and air external channels. The situation in the world.

      As the fourth-largest airport in domestic passenger flow, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport relies on the policy dividends of the Pilot Free Trade Zone to develop rapidly, and success reports are frequent. Since the establishment of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shuangliu Airport has opened 27 new international routes, with an annual passenger throughput exceeding 55 million, and an annual inbound and outbound passenger exceeding 6.5 million.

      After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, international passenger flights have drastically reduced, and the "belly warehouse carrying cargo" capacity is seriously insufficient. In order to expand the air logistics capacity, Chengdu Customs has made every effort to serve the "passenger-to-cargo" business and support Chengdu to increase its international air capacity. Optimize the loading and unloading process, wait all the time, and respond accurately to realize the whole process of "cargo and other aircraft" to ensure "load and fly as soon as you arrive." During the epidemic, 18 all-cargo airlines at Shuangliu Airport operated stably without stopping, and 22 international (regional) airlines "passenger-to-cargo" were opened to escort the unblocked cargo "air corridor".

      The fastest 8 days to Russia, 12 days to Poland, 13 days to the Netherlands and Germany...7 international railway channels and 5 international rail-sea transportation channels continue to expand, connecting 55 overseas cities and 16 domestic cities... this Behind the string of numbers is a powerful manifestation of the continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of Chengdu China-Europe Express.

      Let the goods do not have to go "backward". Chengdu Customs has innovatively launched the "China-Europe Express Train Consolidation and Consolidation Mode", making full use of the surplus capacity and empty container storage resources of the train, and transforming the traditional supervision of entire trains to supervision by containers. , The empty container storage resources can be fully utilized, conforming to the trend of miniaturization and high-frequency development of trade orders. The function of Chengdu International Railway Port enables China-Europe Express to take the lead in the new competition.

      "With the support of Chengdu Customs, the business environment of our international railway port has been continuously optimized, and the government's investment promotion has also proceeded more smoothly." Feng Xuan, deputy director of the Chengdu International Railway Port Management Committee, established the "hard core" initiative of Chengdu Customs. Thumbs up.

      Port machinery roared day and night, transportation vehicles were in an endless stream, and containers were stacked in rows... Sichuan Luzhou Port, which relies on the waters of the Yangtze River, is so busy. "In terms of opening up channels, Luzhou has continuously made new breakthroughs. Luzhou Port's daily direct flights have increased the capacity of the'Golden Waterway', and the'Rongou + Luzhou Port' train has built the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the'Belt and Road.' "The new connections of countries along the route, Luzhou-Qinzhou, Luzhou-Guangzhou and other rail-sea intermodal trains have accelerated the process of Luzhou’s southward opening."

      The strong signal of opening to the outside world not only attracted foreign companies, but also strengthened the confidence of local companies to go abroad. In Shizitian Village, Lijiang Town, Hejiang County, Luzhou City, fruit farmers are weeding contiguous litchi trees. This 500-acre orchard is the first export fresh fruit orchard registered in Luzhou and the first lychee orchard registered for export in Sichuan. At present, the lychee, Luzhou longan, Hejiang Zhenlong pomelo, navel orange and other agricultural products grown here have been exported overseas, and the annual export value of Luzhou bamboo shoots and their products has reached 10 million US dollars.