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      The United States plans to cancel 26 Chinese operations to China, and the air transport price may continue to rise


      American air transport prices are going to rise

      On August 25, local time, the US Department of Transport issued a notice that due to the cancellation of multiple flights to China in China, it is planned to cancel 26 US Airlines (Air China, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines) from September. Go to China.

      This means that the capacity of China -US routes, which was originally in short supply, will be cut again. In addition to affecting the benefits of several Chinese airlines, it is also directly influenced by passengers and the fare of China -US routes.

      According to the notice, many flights including China -US flights, including Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, which were canceled, almost including September.

      Earlier, there was stocks that it was necessary to suspend all LAX routes to the warehouse. Coincidentally, there was another circle of friends who said that the cancellation of China -US flights was estimated to have changed to Musen.

      The most crowded Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has recently been diagnosed with a large number of security inspection personnel. According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Bureau, among the staff of the Transport Safety Administration (TSA) and Southwest Airlines, at least 400 confirmed cases were reported.

      However, the airport service was not affected at that time, and many flights in Southwest Airlines were forced to stop

      In fact, some departments of Los Angeles International Airport are experiencing a large -scale outbreak of at least 400+ cases, including the staff of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Southern California, and 154 US aviation infections, and 28 Southwest Airlines infection.

      US Airlines has about 7,000 employees at Los Angeles International Airport, involving multiple terminals and maintenance and freight facilities. The positive test results account for about 2%of the total number of employees.

      Southwest Airlines told the media in a statement: "Los Angeles County continues to show the new championship of the high community level. We encountered a new crown case in the Los Angeles Airport employee work team and will continue to follow the new crown protest guide. influences".

      From this point of view, sellers who take the US -line air transport may be greaterly affected, and air transport prices may rise.

      The western region, which encountered some suspension, can only be forced to change to Feimei and the United States. The difficulty of shipment will increase, and the price of the air faction will rise for a while. The cost of the seller may increase.

      During this period, Musen's time -limited demand may surge, because Musen has a limited time to compare the express line for a few days, but the price and timeliness are the scope that sellers can consider.

      The suspension of the empty part of the air will also make some sellers of urgent goods choose express delivery. Compared with the price, the price is a bit more expensive, but there is no way to be in a hurry. The seller can reserve/ship the goods according to the needs.

      As a neighbor, most Canadian flights also switched to the United States after arriving in the United States. As a result, the time limit for this period will be delayed, and the Canadian airplace may also increase the price.