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      US Black Friday and Thanksgiving online sales of 7.9 billion US dollars

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      Nov. 27, according to Reuters, retail analyst firm data show that online sales in the United States on Black Friday and Thanksgiving soared to a record high. Shoppers buy heavily discounted merchandise, more transactions through the mobile device to complete, so that the United States holiday shopping season started the traditional hot.

      According to data from retail analytics firm Adobe Analytics, U.S. retailers posted a record $ 7.9 billion (52.1 billion yuan) in online sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving, an increase of 17.9% over the same period last year. This year, China's double 11 total net transaction volume reached 253.97 billion yuan, the United States Black Friday sales of only one-fifth of China's double 11.

      Adobe Analytics said online sales of Thanksgiving Cyber Monday, which is expected to reach $ 6.6 billion, will make it the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.

      Prior to the first weekend of the holiday shopping season, traditional U.S. retailers invested heavily in improving their websites and shipping methods due to the expected drop in physical store visits. Several retail chains in the United States also reduced their inventories to prevent liquidation after the end of the holiday from affecting overall profits.

      Retail analysts and consulting firms said the most expensive and most sold items for Black Friday and Thanksgiving this year include TVs, laptops, toys and game consoles - especially the Sony PlayStation 4 consoles.

      Criteo, a business marketing firm, said that 40% of online shopping this year was conducted on mobile phones on Black Friday, up from 29% last year.

      US store sales figures for Thanksgiving this year or Black Friday this year have not yet been released, but Reuters reporters and industry analysts have noticed signs of a decrease in the number of people going to physical stores, such as a drop in the number of cars in the mall parking lot, some shoppers Leave the store empty.

      In order to attract coveted buyers, the physical store offers big discounts, creative gimmicks and free gifts. But some shoppers say they visit the store just to save money for online shopping. Over the past few years, the usual frenzy of shopping frenzy in the Black Friday in the United States has hardly appeared.

      However, retail research firm ShopperTrak said physical store traffic fell less than 1% on Black Friday this year, off a much-anticipated drop from the industry.

      Brian Field, senior director of consulting services for ShopperTrak, said: "There is a lot of debate about the changes in the importance of physical retail stores."

      "On Black Friday, the volume of physical retail stores still does not change much, suggesting that physical retail stores are still very important in people's lives and that they will still be profitable if done well."

      The National Association of Retailers (NRF) said on Friday that the weather is good in most parts of the country and that it also helps attract shoppers to physical stores. Previously, it had predicted that this holiday shopping season will show strong performance benefiting from the rising US consumer confidence index.

      The overall industry sales figures released by NRF are closely watched each year and are expected to release sales figures for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Online Shopping Monday on Tuesday.

      In the past year, the U.S. consumer confidence index has been rising because of the massive recruitment of labor in the labor market, rising home prices and record highs in the stock market.