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      FedEx said its full-year results will be compromised by cyber attacks


      According to the US financial website MarketWatch reported that FedEx recently issued a message that, as last month TNT Express services suffered a network attack, the company's annual results will be damaged. As of 12:06 pm EDT, FedEx shares fell $ 6.68.

      FedEx said TNT Express, headquartered in the Netherlands, is still facing a wide range of service delays in the face of the cyber attack. Due to network attacks, the parcel delivery volume drops and the contingency plan introduces incremental costs, and remediation of the affected system also results in related costs.

      At present, FedEx is assessing the financial impact of this cyberattack incident and saying it can not estimate when the TNT Express services will be fully restored. FedEx said there was no data stolen or data leaked to third parties as of July 17th.