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      Logistics industry started a security battle

      瀏覽量:3018Author:北京青年報Source:Beijing Youth Daily

      June 1, 2017, the "People's Republic of China Network Security Law" (hereinafter referred to as "Network Security Act") formally implemented, clearly stipulates that network operators shall not disclose, tamper with, damage to their collection of personal information; Agree not to provide personal information to others.

      Similarly, on June 1, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate on the handling of violations of citizens' personal information criminal cases applicable to the interpretation of a number of issues, "is a violation of citizens of individual information crime conviction and sentencing standards. The judiciary further clarifies that the illegal acquisition, sale or provision of personal information of citizens will be subject to legal sanctions and even criminal liability.

      In recent years, due to personal information leaked to the lives and property of our residents caused by the loss of common, in the face of increasingly rampant personal information caused by the crime, the public awareness of personal information gradually increased, the pace of national legislation is accelerating to protect the safety of citizens The war of sightless smoke began to enter the climax with the intervention of the state.

      Over the past decade, the development of electricity providers to bring the rapid development of China's express delivery industry, large and small courier companies become the Internet giant after the user has the largest number of personal real information industry. The courier industry to resell personal information to reap huge profits this gray industry chain not only for many years, or even can not cure the "industry unspoken rules."

      On the surface, although the courier companies are prohibited staff leaked customer information, but the "express delivery" is always going through many links, any one part of the existence of information disclosure risk, and the illegal cost is very low. Today, this situation is about to be broken, "on the handling of violations of citizens of personal information criminal cases applicable to the interpretation of a number of issues" clearly stipulates that theft of personal property information 50 may constitute a crime. Which clearly the personal information, including name, communication and communication contact information, address, etc., and this information will usually appear in the traditional courier single.

      "Privacy single" take the initiative

      In January this year, the Beijing public Ms. Chen signed a courier sent by a single courier sent courier and found that the package is not the same as usual, the list does not show the name, phone number and address all the information, mobile phone number Of the four digits are replaced by *, the address of the detailed plot and floor number is also hidden in the same way. Ms. Chen's first feeling is: no longer have to worry about readily discarded personal information will be leaked.

      Following the round pass to the average user to launch the encryption processing of the "invisible single" since the first half of this year, there have been many logistics enterprises on the line "privacy single" business. From late April to early May, the rookie network combined EMS, Best Show, China Tong, Shen Tong, China Post Group and other major courier companies, on the line to the recipient of the privacy of the recipient list, and plans to nationwide Promote this service. More and more courier companies through the handheld device to scan the input information, the sender's personal information through the device through the cloud into the terminal server, these sheets of the courier staff did not view the permissions.

      In recent years, following the telecommunications, real estate, banking and other traditional industries, the courier industry has become a new citizen information disclosure "hardest hit". In China has become the world's largest e-commerce market background, whether it is electricity business platform or courier company, to solve the problem of online shopping users are not responsible for the disclosure of information. At the same time, more and more ordinary consumers began to pay attention to information security, which makes the logistics industry aware of the urgency of the problem.

      Coincidentally, May 17, SF Express launched end-to-end full-process information security solutions, the new version of "rich single" collection of SF's latest encryption technology. In this face alone, in addition to the name, telephone and other sensitive fields to hide, even the customer's address information will also be replaced by the code. In addition, including collectors, customer service and other courier companies may come into contact with the user's privacy data links are the whole process of hiding, between consumers and courier calls will be two-way hidden, thus blocking the user Information from the courier within the enterprise out of the key loopholes. It is reported that SF is nationwide address coding work to encode to replace the user's specific address information. The industry believes that if Shun Feng to achieve the specific address of customers are to replace the code, equivalent to achieve cross-domain data collaboration services, courier and even the entire logistics industry, information security protection to bring a qualitative leap.

      In addition to professional logistics enterprises, large-scale electricity providers are also responding to this trend. Such as Jingdong launched the "smiling single", from the package when the part of the user's name and phone number to hide the information to smile instead of signs. Recently, the service has been promoted nationwide, more than 90% of self-delivery orders have achieved a single "smile". In order to achieve this service, Jingdong developed specifically for the distribution of the APP, the distribution staff at the site receipt, scanning the package on the bar code, the user information will be entered into the system, the delivery staff delivery, according to the order number to find the user package , Click "call" to get in touch with the user. In the whole distribution process, through the application side to initiate the request, the server callback way to complete the communication, all calls will be Jingdong communication platform for supervision, and shutdown, shutdown, air number, missed call records are recorded, Equivalent to the entire process control and standard distribution staff distribution services, in order to protect the user's information security.

      To be sure, the introduction of the "privacy single" business is undoubtedly the delivery industry in the personal information protection on the substantive step taken, especially in the country to strengthen the introduction of personal information protection laws, the current express response is timely Is also necessary.

      Security upgrade competition industry innovation

      As a logistics industry, an innovation, "privacy single" can be regarded as increasingly competitive courier industry using the Internet, large data, cloud computing and other high-tech means to enhance business efficiency and competitiveness of a microcosm.

      In particular, the past two years, the Government to encourage the development of information technology favorable policies continue to introduce, coupled with the logistics market, personalized, security needs increasingly prominent, the development of intelligent logistics is by leaps and bounds. Whether the capital level or the technical level, the traditional logistics and electricity business logistics are accelerating the exploration of the field, such as privacy alone, intelligent warehousing, smart courier and other emerging applications are their typical representative.

      In terms of privacy, this service has been used as a value-added service for courier companies in a small area as early as a few years ago. With the improvement of the information security level, the real large-scale promotion has just begun.

      It is understood that, in addition to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Jin Jingji these more developed regions of the big cities, the current scale is not large. After all, behind the improvement of the safety factor, the support of information technology is the basis for large-scale popularization.

      At present, the privacy side of the general need to use electronic to complete a single, handwritten single can not be related to the operation, and traditional courier parts only need to read the relevant information on the sheet, and the privacy of the single need to send the package Staff of the handheld terminal to achieve, that is, whether it is the sender or the receiver must have the appropriate technology and network to use the "privacy side." Sometimes, the dispatcher must be able to contact the recipient through the APP, virtually to make the process more cumbersome, but also increase the cost of time, the recipient will also have a new inconvenience.

      "Online shopping madman" Zhao Li for some "privacy list" is still not satisfied. Because she received the courier, the address has not yet "invisible", in her view there is still the risk of information disclosure. But when the stealth information more and more, the new trouble has arisen: Zhang uncle is a district of Nanjing, the guard, usually for the residents to collect a lot of express, in the face of "invisible Express", he complained that people find, The workload has increased many times. With the district of Ms. Liu could not help but "Tucao": because too much hidden information, so that the result of collecting guard is that she often can not find their own package ... ...

      The user's security requirements in the increase, the standard is different, the leading domestic logistics enterprises have formed a consensus, and in their respective areas continue to increase investment, sustained force. Such as SF Express, its own research and development of handheld terminal equipment has been updated to the sixth generation, 2016, SF's R & D investment of up to 560 million yuan, began the next generation of logistics information technology research and development; Yuantong courier escalating "Walker" APP , In addition to a one-click scan and immediately communicate, but also trying to simplify the parcel process, in this application behind not only the client and print equipment and other hardware support, there is a large background operating system to maintain its listing to raise 2.3 billion will also be mainly used in intelligent equipment upgrades and intelligent logistics information integration platform construction; new logistics on behalf of the rookie network is a combination of many traditional courier companies directly landing "logistics cloud", hoping to use more secure cloud technology to protect Each link data in the encrypted state of operation, fundamentally eliminate the problem of consumer privacy ... ...

      From the perspective of information protection, the popularity of privacy alone is only considered by many industry as a "transition program". For the logistics industry, this will be a gradual information, intelligent process. For the daily need to deal with hundreds of millions of parcels and still in the rapid growth of China's logistics industry, the future of the express industry is an information technology innovation competition. At present, whether it is to improve efficiency, reduce costs or strengthen information protection, the final foothold are focused on information technology and supply chain technology support. And only continue to enhance the technological innovation, modern logistics can be achieved faster, better service, so that information protection more effective.

      Self-discipline and regulation are indispensable

      With the advent of the information age, large data meteoric rise, the commercial value behind the link is the industry as a new engine of economic growth, the use of large data to become the core competitiveness of enterprises and seize the key to market opportunities. In recent years, the influence of large data, such as its own in the ever-expanding, from the Internet to the telecommunications, finance, real estate, trade, logistics and other industries spread. Large data on the expansion of personal information access channels raised another important issue: the conflict between security and privacy. Consumers, on the one hand, benefit from the convenience and benefits of massive amounts of data, and on the other hand they have to be exposed to privacy as they are collected with personal data, address and purchase preferences, health and financial data risk.

      As mentioned above, many of the leading companies in the logistics industry are using a large number of advanced information technology to protect the user's personal information, it is undeniable to invisible single representative of the new application to prevent personal information leakage has a positive effect, especially in Express flow of many nodes on the set of a good security protection, to a large extent to avoid the information from the inside and outside the hands of a number of people in the hands of the risk of leakage. At the same time, we must see that the current cost of such protection is not low, but the technical requirements are extremely high, the service provider is still a minority, because not all logistics enterprises can afford. Fuzhou, a small local logistics companies that do not intend to promote the "privacy list", because only to maintain an APP for them is already a lot of expenditure. Although these small logistics companies do not think that they are the source of the leak, but still have the obligation to assume the responsibility of information protection, from the internal self-management is necessary.

      There are industry experts believe that the ability to provide a single sheet of business logistics companies are also facing a deeper challenge, with the data volume of the geometric growth, the pressure of privacy protection will be more conductive in the delivery of the overall system security. Objectively speaking, when many scattered human links are controlled, the logistics enterprises themselves need to bear the responsibility of information protection should be greater, because the clear information has been hidden in the case, once the recurrence of information leakage, logistics enterprises are bound to bear the brunt. Therefore, constantly improve and enhance system security, destined to be logistics enterprises must comply with the "self" principle.

      How to make reasonable use of customer data, requiring enterprises to consciously strengthen self-awareness. Of course, completely dependent on corporate self-discipline is far from enough, in the face of information security, legislation and law enforcement as important. In addition to the relevant laws and regulations have been phase, the relevant state departments are still studying the drafting of relevant system documents. "Network products and services security review approach (Trial)" and other supporting system documents and "personal information security standards" and other standards will be introduced, can be expected in the legal flow of personal information and interests protection, the legal mechanism will be increasingly perfect, Whether it is personal or logistics enterprises, will have law to follow.